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Preparing for your packages

Picking up your first package of bees is exhilarating and can be a bit intimidating! I mean really you are holding a 3 pound package of live bees; an average of 10,000 bees!!!

Prior to picking up your bees read, study, watch videos, attend bee club meetings, talk to beekeepers, and repeat! Knowledge of general beekeeping is your best tool. Be prepared when talking to a beekeeper to spend a little time; we love to talk bees! Also, be aware that there is black, white, and gray in beekeeping! I always say ask 10 beekeepers the same question and you will get 11 different answers. That my sound confusing but the truth of the matter is everyone adjusts the basics to fit there circumstances.

In some areas there are no right or wrong answers it is personal preference. An example is bottom boards. Do you want a solid bottom board or a screened one? Both have there pros and cons and both are suitable here in north Alabama. I even switch back in forth on my opinion; I generally prefer a solid bottom board especially in the winter months to help conserve the heat. Yet I like the screened bottoms for summer months to help with ventilation but don't like inserting the cardboard in the winter months.

Also prior to picking up your bees have your equipment set up where you are going to keep the bees. For your bees you will need: a bottom board, entrance reducer, brood chamber with frames, inner cover and top. Also you will need your basic supplies of hive tool, smoker, gloves, veil or jacket or suit, feeder, feed and a spray bottle filled with sugar water. In the beginning you will only need one brood chamber. you can store the other hive bodies until you need them. Your entrance reducer should be on the smallest opening.

NOW you are ready for the bees!!!

Keep an eye here for the next step into the bee-utiful jouney in beekeeping

Kind words are like honey— sweet to the soul and healthy for the body. Proverbs 16:24

Any questions or comments please contact me @

Ted and Angie LeMay

LeMay Enterprises, Inc.

DBA T&A Bee Farm

275 Highway 21

Russellville, AL 35653


Cell (256) 810-4495


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