Our Nuc contains 5 deep Frames, Brood, Larvae, Eggs, A Queen and Honey.  We use both locally open mated and purchased Queens. We put our bees in a wax coated cardboard or plastic nuc box for safe travel. These nucs are for pickup only. We require a $50.00 deposit per nuc. We recommend you book your nuc as soon as possible. To reserve your nucs send a Check or Money Order to the address below and we will add you to our sales list. Make sure all your mailing  information and phone numbers (email if you like) are included! If you cancel your order, deposits are non-refundable!! First Round Nucs Will Be Ready Mid-April.

These Dates Are Subject To Change Due To Weather!! 

2021 Nucs Are $200.00 Ea.

We Are Booking Nucs Now

(April  Pickup SOLD OUT)

May Pickup Available