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Installing Your Package

Now that you have your bees to your hive what do you do?

Your bees are more than likely in a cluster at the top of the cage. And there are some dead bees in the bottom; this is normal!

We recommend you install your package in the evening; so in the mean time keep them out of direct sun and in a semi cool place.

Now once you have taken the bees to the hive location, open your hive and remove the frames spraying each one with sugar water. (Ratio for sugar water is 1:1; always measure by weight not volume) Spray the inside of the hive, then spray the package of bees. This lessens the bees from flying and calms them. Now take the package and tap it on the hive so the cluster falls to the bottom and spray them lightly again. with your hive tool remove the wooden square lid. Under this lid is a can of syrup, tipping the cage sideways remove the can and place the wood lid over the opening. Set the can aside to put in your feeder after you are done. The queen is tethered just inside now. Slide the lid over pull her out and put the lid back on. Check your queen, cut the tether, and set her aside out of the sun. Tap your bees down and instantly dump/shake them gently into the hive. when you have most of them out sit the cage in front of the hive (the remaining bees will find their way to the hive). Now ease your frames back in and place the queen between two frames near the top. Candy end goes up so that if a bee inside the cage dies it won't plug the hole and prevent the queen from getting out. Slide all the frames together, close the hive, and start feeding. Feed your bees for two weeks as much as they will take. Five days after you have installed the package open your hive to see if the queen has been released. If she hasn't you can manually release her. (Open the cage keeping it on the frame so she doesn't fly away). Close your hive back up and come back in 3-5 days to see if she is laying!

There are other methods and all of which will do the job! As I said in the first bee package blog every beekeeper does things a little different.

You have just installed your first package!!! Congratulations!!!!

Kind words are like honey— sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.

Proverbs 16:24


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