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Inspecting the Hive


We are ready!!

Hopefully everyone waited 3-5 days since they installed their package; we now need to make sure the queen has been released and maybe even laying.

Gather your equipment:

  • hive tool

  • smoker

  • veil or jacket

  • gloves

  • feed

First take a look from the outside; your hive should be activity at entrance of bees going in and out. Activity of the hive depends on the time of year and weather conditions of the day. In early-to-mid spring, they should be very active at entrance. They will continue being very active through the summer. Also there should be no to just a few dead bees at the entrance. Robbing also should not be occurring which would be evident with bees flying randomly about the hive and you would see wax and pollen crumbs at the entrance.

Take note of your feeder whether it is external or internal; you will be filling it at the end of the inspection.

Gently puff some smoke at the entrance, loosen the top and puff smoke smoke under it and let it back down. You can now remove the top and inner cover check each one to be sure the queen is not on either piece of equipment before laying them to the side. IF she is on one of them get it back over the hive and as close to the frames as possible; gently encourage her to go down into the hive with your finger or bee brush.

The frames not all but at least half of them should have bees on them and looking up from between them, If you need to give them a puff of smoke it is fine. Gently begin on the outer frames to work the first one out. Keep these frames in the same order and direction; we put a number on the top back edge to help us with this. After removing the first frame you will be able to work each frame over, out, inspect it and return it. Once you are the point of where there is comb pull one out and look for eggs. Eggs are often difficult for a new beekeeper to see so don't stress over it. IF you find eggs your queen has been released and doing well. If you do not find eggs before getting to the queen cage pull the cage to see if she is released. IF she isn't you can either pull the screen off to release her (keeping it close to a frame) or you can make sure the candy has been eaten (if not poke a hole in the candy until it is all the way open) and return back as you had it. If you saw eggs or the queen put your frames back in order and feed and close it up. Don't disturb them any more than necessary. You can come back in 7-10 days! IF you see the queen is still in the cage - same thing - close it up but come back in in 2-3 days to see if she is out.

Be brief, there will be plenty of time to watch your bees later; let them get their house in order.

Let me know if there is anything I can help with in future blogs. And thanks to those of you who are encouraging me to continue.

And because of your loyalty and encouragement for the first time only those of you who receive this I am

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God Bless You,


Kind words are like honey— sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.

Proverbs 16:24


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