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Finally It's Time

You have waited for months for this day!! Bee pick up day!!!! You have your hive set up and all the supplies and equipment ready.

What now? What do you need? where are the bees going to ride home? Do you need your bee suit or veil?

The bees come in a screened box which they are not usually able to escape from. We offer mesh bags if you are still uncertain about have all those bees in your vehicle. There are always bee flying about on pick up day and some are going to bee curious about what all the fuss is about, They will land on the outside of the packages to check them out.

You need to come prepared to place your bees on the inside of your vehicle!!! No, on a hot day you can not put them in the trunk!! No on a cold day you can't place them in the back of your pickup!! The package needs to be placed securely inside the vehicle most of the time; where they won't tip over or slide around. You may want to put an old sheet down to set them on but don't wrap them up in it.

You use your own judgement as to bringing friends (human or canine). Are they allergic to bees? We do NOT keep an epipen on the premises!! I love animals but the best of them can be afraid or aggressive when put in the vehicle with a package of bees. Let's make this a pleasant experience for all involved. I enjoy seeing the young kids but please keep them with you.

Make sure you have your remaining payment and a little extra with you. You also may find supplies you would like to purchase. If you know ahead of time there are supplies you want you might consider ordering them before you come as supplies can some times dwindle quickly on pick up day. I am building equipment as fast as I can but can be wiped out in the package and nuc season.

Be prepared to wait a little! On package pickup there will be over a hundred customers here throughout the day. Some of these beekeepers are new and some are veteraned beekeepers. It is a good opportunity to listen, question and learn. A new beekeeper may have their first chance to see some products.

Once you have paid for and loaded your bees you are ready to take the next step...taking them to their new home!

Be safe!! And remember:

Proverbs 16:24 Kind words are like honey— sweet to the soul and healthy for the body


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