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IF you have a deposit sent to me and are on the March 19th pick up of packages and/or queens; we are on schedule for March 19th!!! We will open at 8 am and have beekeeping equipment and supplies available. We take cash, check, or credit card that day. Your remaining balance is due when you pick up your bees, and ALL equipment must be paid for that day. There WILL be bees flying about; keep that in mind when you choose who or what comes with you. Don't mind a bit if you bring a cup of coffee and enjoy time with other beekeepers; sometimes we have alot of newbies that are looking for advice and you veteran beekeepers are a treasure for them! Make sure of your pick up date as I have 3 different dates and I would not like for you to come the wrong date.

Take no offense, I just don't have time to track everyone down; and am trying to save you and me some frustration!


IF you have ordered bees, Package or Nuc, you should have put a $50 per package or nuc deposit down to reserve your bees. I have a few that still need to get their deposit in; even a couple that I don't have a phone number for!!! See List below! Do NOT expect your bees to remain reserved if you do not pay your deposit! Common courtesy would be let me know you do not want them.

Thank you in advance.

Prescott-I have a check but NO phone number and no record of what you were wanting.

Blake-NO Phone Number or deposit (you will be removed in 5 Days if no contact)

IF you aren't sure or want to confirm if I have received your deposit- text me 256-810-4495. TEXT ONLY (and remember to tell me WHO you are as I don't have everyone's number saved). Please I don't have time for literally 100 calls in a night; I spend hours every night with calls and paperwork. Love talking to all of you but things are very BUZZY now!

IF you are still trying to decide if you want bees, time is running out!!

I have a few left: Packages for April 23 nearly all booked!

Nucs available first 2 weeks of May....... HURRY they are also nearly gone!

IF you want supplies CALL ME to reserve yours. Supplies will go quick the first pick up date!


TEXT OR CALL 256-810-4495

Thank you for enduring this info!! Can't wait to see all of you! Your dedication to Ted and I has been wonderful. We have made a lot of good friends through the years, we enjoy all of you. Bee day won't be the same without him there but I can assure you he will be watching us and smiling. Bless each of you and see ya soon!


PS: was beginning to think I was writing for Jeff Foxworthy......If you.... might be a redneck!! lol

Kind words are like honey; sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.


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